Is Kris Bryant Untouchable?

Do the Cubs have really have an untouchable player in their midst?

Some would think the premise of having such an entity would be all kinds of silly given the current state of the organization. Yet, if there is one player this outfit doesn’t plan on parting with, it is none other than Kris Bryant.

It may not come as a shock to anyone that the Cubs would prefer to hold on to their top prospect. Bryant checks so many boxes for this thing moving forward. He is the grand prize that comes from all of the suffering.

Bryant alone represents the benefit of throwing away three major league seasons. Let’s face it, without that devised plan of losing, the Cubs simply don’t get their hands on this impactful prospect.

For a player without a major league at bat, Bryant already embodies so much…power, poise, maturity, and a baseball pedigree to boot. And let us not forget marketability.

Bryant will likely be the face of this organization for years to come. We still may not know for sure which position he will play for the next 10 years, but there is a good bet it will be in a Cubs uniform.

There have been some varying reports to what degree Bryant’s camp feels miffed over his non-call-up this past September. Bryant himself fully realizes he deserves to be in the majors now, if not sooner. I’m sure the kid had mixed emotions watching his Iowa teammates Jorge Soler and Javier Baez get a taste of the big leagues this summer while he took home MiLB POY awards.

But from what I gather from a close contact, any reports of any ill will or animosity towards the Cubs organization are a bit of a stretch. Sure, there’s some overall disappointment, but Team Bryant understands the business side of the scenario. They also have to know full well that in choosing Scott Boras to represent them they have chosen a tenacious and effective agent, but one that comes with some rub.

Bryant will try and make it hell on the Cubs to send him down next spring, but you know they still will. The Cubs know Boras alone is reason enough to make sure they delay the kid’s clock even more so than other most young players.

There are other players within the organization the Cubs are in no hurry to move anytime soon. Most in the Cubs brass are in love with the idea of Addison Russell playing alongside Bryant for years to come.

Yet at the same time, Russell also represents the Cubs’ best and most marketable commodity or currency. If the Cubs do end up moving any of their own recent top-10 picks, I would suspect that Albert Almora is the most likely candidate.

Starlin Castro may not bring the Cubs the value they would need in return and Baez simply doesn’t have any real value established yet. Bryant, meanwhile, is likely too valuable on multiple levels to be made available.

So even if the prospect of acquiring a Cole Hamels or Giancarlo Stanton becomes a reality, don’t expect to see Bryant going anywhere.

Looks like young blue eyes will be around to pick up the pieces.

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