Grading the 2014 Cubs – Edwin Jackson

What can I say about Edwin Jackson that hasn’t already been said about the disastrous effects of Ebola? That sounds harsh, but the Cubs highest-paid player was truly a hemorrhagic fever, bleeding money, runs, and confidence at an alarming rate in 2014.

It’s just too bad E-Jax is such a nice guy though; it would be so much easier to blast him if he had the personality of Ian Stewart or Milton Bradley. That said, his performance in a Cubs uniform has done little to inspire warm fuzzies, even in those of us with an overactive case of the feels.

We could sit here and wonder aloud what went wrong with the guy who many believed the Cubs had signed to a contract that was only a little over fair market value at the time. We could break down the league-worst stats among pitchers with at least 140 IP: 6.33 ERA, 1.64 WHIP, .352 BABIP against.

But that’s not very fun now, is it? I was going to collect standard letter grades and actually got some from a couple members of our crack staff. But then Tommy sent this: “Nuclear explosion.gif; to clarify, that is my grade for Edwin Jackson. A looping nuclear detonation.”

And he’s right; no single letter, let alone a series of them, could adequately describe Jackson’s performance on the mound this season. To that end, we’ve got a gif-tastic set of evaluations for you to enjoy. You’ll also find links to our previous scores for Starlin Castro, Jake Arrieta, and Chris Coghlan, along with a poll in which you can provide your own grade for E-Jax.









GPA: Total Protonic Reversal

Other Grades:

Starlin Castro

Jake Arrieta

Chris Coghlan


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