Now, Where Are The Shovels?

Ah…the shovel.

It can be useful in so many ways when it comes to the Cubs rebuild, both on and off the field.

The Cubs put a shovel into the ground yesterday, when yes…actual construction began on the Wrigley Field rehab.

The front office is also expected to put a proverbial shovel in the ground this winter when it comes to constructing their first full-fledged competent roster. This is happening all so fast. Okay, not really.

I think it is also safe to say we can use a shovel to bury the past three years of tanking major league seasons. That feels good. I’m really looking forward to the end of this season.

Not that I haven’t enjoyed this one, because due to the injection of some talented young players I truly have. I’m just so looking forward to a season in which we can expect no more summer selloffs and an Opening Day filled with actual promise.

Much has developed in the Cubs favor this season.

Jake Arrieta has turned into an ace right before our very eyes, Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro returned to young core/anchor status, Kyle Hendricks emerged along with Jorge Soler on the big stage as prominent pieces moving forward.

I’m so ready to turn the page. While we are at it, I’m ready for an updated Wrigley as well.

Now, the Cubs front office took more of the wrecking ball approach to this whole thing while overhauling the place upon their arrival. They did what they had to to do to get the Cubs healthy as an organization, and now we will get to see what kind of supplements they have up their sleeves this offseason.

Some of that will come from within. Anxiously awaited improvement from Javy Baez along with the arrival of Mr. Kris Bryant will supply most of that hope. And who knows? We may even see a new certain left-handed pitcher featured on that new left-field Jumbotron come Opening Day vs. the Cardinals?

I am fully anticipating spring training next year when the Cubs will actually be expected to be competitive for the first time since the decade began. I am sure you are as well.

We are not alone, as Anthony Rizzo shared thoughts with Brian Sandalow.

“I just hope all the guys go into the offseason with a lot to prove and kind of everyone go in with a chip on their shoulder of proving that we can win in this division and be a contending team next year because we’re going to go into next year, and obviously people are going to like us,” Rizzo said, “but they’re going to write us off until the year after that, year after that.

“Hopefully everyone goes in with expectations of winning from the get-go.”

In the immortal words of Tommy DeSimone:

“Now where are the shovels?”

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