Cubs by the Numbers: Saturday’s Sorta Double-Header

Ah, the exultant glory of a Saturday twin bill at Wrigley on the final day before Bears football takes over the hearts and minds of men, women and Grabowskis across the Chicago metro area and various other global locales. Well, it wasn’t really a double-header, but the Cubs did their level best to stretch it into one.

The day began with the resumption of Friday’s rain-shortened contest and then returned to the regularly-scheduled programming of a second game. Tied 3-3 in the 7th on Friday, the heavens opened up and forced the suspension of game, the second time the Cubs have had to carry over a game this season.

And while the incident against the Giants a short while back turned into quite the debacle, things went much more smoothly this time around. I didn’t really pay much attention, but I’ll assume that no local beat writers dug up stories about the Cubs’ personnel decisions in relation to the grounds crew’s ability to cover the field.

As a matter of fact, the tarp was rolled out with lightning efficiency, though the guys on the field had nothing on the fans. As the rain burst forth in earnest, the fans exposed to the elements appeared as cockroaches when the lights are turned on, scattering for cover with the speed of desperation.

So they moved what should have been the final 2+ innings to Saturday and, in true Cubby fashion, the Northsiders saw fit to give the fans their money’s worth. The first game ended up going 11, leading in to the normal-length affair that followed. But had they really cared about the fans’ feelings, maybe the Cubs should have scrapped at least one of the games.

Here’s a look at Saturday by the numbers:

14 – number of innings played

2 – losses by the Cubs

0 – runs scored by the Cubs

5 – K’s by Javier Baez

36,867 – reported crowd, resulting in a loss in the Binny’s Beverage Depot attendance game

2 – times I threw up in my mouth listening to the respective games

1 – home run allowed by Arodys Vizcaino

11 – pitchers used by the Cubs

1/3 – total number of innings I watched, due to windshield time and college football

0 – number of times we got to see this:

As much as I am still interested to see what the Cubs can do through the remainder of the season, I finally fell hard for football last night. It certainly didn’t have anything to do with the steaming pile of pony loaf that is the B1G, though I did enjoy some of the losses therein.

The Cubs got off to a great start in the month and I’m hoping Saturday was just a hiccup. But with expanded rosters and lower expectations, that protected draft pick is looking like a pretty safe conclusion. After missing most of yesterday’s games, I was hoping to get the chance to watch some today, but…BEAR DOWN!

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