Cubs Seek Table-Setters This Offseason

When it comes to forecasting the offseason for the Cubs, everyone is fully aware they will seek and target impact starting pitching.

But I have also written previously about the need for a veteran everyday player to help insulate the very young lineup the Cubs are currently constructing. The question is, what type of player do they need and where would he fit on the diamond?

GM Jed Hoyer told the “Kap and Haugh Show” Friday that, in a perfect world, they would like to find themselves a left-handed hitter who can help create RBI situations for their young boppers.

“There has to be a real focus to find some guys that can get on base,” said Hoyer.

“If they can be left-handed, that would be great. Because our guys are predominately right-handed. A left-handed bat that can get on base or any bat that can get on base.

Our power is fantastic. We are going to hit a lot of homeruns. We’ve got to make sure we turn those into two or three run homers. Solo shots don’t win. We are really going to have to make sure we find some guys that can get on base.”

I’ve heard earlier suggestions of the Cubs being interested in left-handed-hitting outfielders such as Colby Rasmus and Denard Span for example. Span could certainly fit the profile of what the Cubs would be looking for.

What becomes of the hot-hitting Chris Coghlan, you ask?

As wonderfully as Coghlan has performed this summer, it would be foolish for the Cubs to enter next season with him penciled in as an everyday player. However, Coghlan on the bench as a fourth outfielder capable of playing all three positions is quite a boon to the roster.

Please do not suggest the Cubs try and acquire speedy Dodger prospect Joc Pederson either.

The Cubs need a vet, one who can also put an arm around a youngster. Think along the lines of a David DeJesus type for a recent example. Not a spectacular player, but a steady one, though said player doesn’t have to have a spectacular wife such as Kim DeJesus either.

Either way, Hoyer knows he has some young, hungry hitters.

They just need someone to set the table for them.

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