Cubs Get Glimpse of Life Without Starlin Castro

The Cubs without Starlin Castro in the lineup is a pretty odd sight.

Castro has already been an Ironman of sorts throughout his young Cubs career. However, a family tragedy this week took Castro away from the club after playing in the previous 125 games.

The 24-year-old All-Star has not only been been performing at a high level offensively this season, but he’s also showing signs of improvement on his defense by cutting down on mental gaffes. Castro has even displayed signs of maturity and leadership within the young clubhouse.

The Cubs have gotten a glimpse of life without their regular shortstop. Could it be a preview of sorts?

Many outlets continue to speculate that Castro will be the shortstop moved to alleviate the positional glut within the organization. Castro may yet fetch the type of impact arm the orginazation needs.

Meanwhile, the Cubs’ stand-in shortstop and regular second baseman of late, Javy Baez, has been filling in Castro’s absence nicely.

I have stated multiple times that my preference is for keeping Baez, Castro, and newcomer Addison Russell in the in the mix and finding a way to play them together.

Yet, if the Cubs believe they can get their hands on a young-but-established starter, they could be ready to pounce. Previously, the belief was held that the Cubs would deal from their shortstop currency for a prospect arm.

Think more along the lines of a Jordan Zimmerman of the Nationals, for instance. The very talented but often dinged-up pitcher is a name that has been floated to me as someone the Cubs fancy. The Cubs seek someone who can immediately take a spot atop their rotation.

Make no mistake, the Cubs are in no hurry to peddle away one of the talented trio; they are in a position of strength. Shortstops are going to be in high demand this offseason and both New York clubs will be among those in the hunt.

For now, when Castro gets back from his bereavement leave, you can bet he will take his rightful position back in the middle of the Cubs defense.

It’s a sight we’ve all grown accustomed to.

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